3rd November 2014

Scrutiny of Autism  –  Summary of Survey Report

The survey closed on 19th October and we have worked hard to summarise the findings for the Scrutiny Committee before the deadline date of 27th October.  This has now been done and submitted with other documents to Hertfordshire County Council as evidence for the panel on Friday 7th November.   The list of documents are here:

Summary of Survey Findings

Autism_Strategy Think Autism

Scrutiny of Autism – Appendix 1

Implementing Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives Statutory Guidance

Appendix 2 – interview social groups

Spectrum of provision-2

A-survey-of-the-education-of-children-with-autism-in-Hertfordshire1tout what is happening in Hertfordshire.   Herts Parent Carer Involvement (HPCI) are also presenting evidence about education to the Scrutiny Panel.


The next step is the Scrutiny day itself.  harc will be representing the issues faced by families in Hertfordshire as well as the things that work well.  Two parent/carers of adults will also speak to give their individual stories.  We are hopeful that we will have covered all aspects,  cradle to the grave, of support in Hertfordshire.  The members of the Scrutiny panel will then consider the evidence they have seen and heard and will then present their report containing their recommendations for achieving service improvements, to the relevant scrutiny committee, to the appropriate body or person (the Council, Cabinet, Chief Officer) or to an outside organisation.

Once the final report has been approved we will be sent a copy for information.  We can then update our members on the outcome of scrutiny.


You can view Hertfordshire County Council evidence and the agenda on Herts Direct


26th September 2014

Scrutiny of Autism  –  Friday 7th November 2014

Hertfordshire County Council will be holding a one day scrutiny of autism.  This is autism across the spectrum,  autism with a learning disability,  Asperger syndrome,  High Functioning Autism, and across the age range,  cradle to the grave.  HCC want to find out how they are doing in providing services for people,  adults and children,  with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   This is a really good opportunity for us to let HCC know what we think,  especially where good practice exists and particularly where it doesn’t.   We really need your help with completing the survey (via link below).  We do have a lot of data regarding children,  from our survey of education and also from the recent HPCI survey so we are not asking a lot of questions, if you are the parent of a child under the age of 18,  but want to update our existing data.  Where we really need more information is for adults,  young,  middle aged and older adults.  We have included siblings and spouse as a carer category as we know that there are many people supporting both spouse and children.

We need to apologise as we have had very little time to put this survey together and whilst we really wanted to be able to have a survey that you could respond to if you support more than one person,  it just isn’t possible in such a short timescale.  So,   if you care/support more than one person and the support/care is quite diverse please would you mind completing the survey twice.  If your experiences are very similar then just complete one survey unless you want to complete two.  There is a very short turn around for this and we need all surveys completed by 19th October to give us chance to analyse the data and write a report that we can present as evidence.   Please help us to collect as much evidence as we can,  particularly for the adults in our community.  Please encourage your autistic adults to complete the survey as their voice is really important.

We also want to find out how carers are supported so that their voices are heard so please do tell us how you are supported to ensure you remain in good physical and mental health.

Please forward this survey to all your networks,  the more data we receive the more weight it will carry.  There is plenty of opportunity to tell us your thoughts and the thoughts of those you care for.  A good way to help move this forward would be to think about what doesn’t or hasn’t worked and then think about one thing that might have made a positive difference to the outcome.  That way we can demonstrate that getting it right doesn’t need a lot of money spent on it.

As always thank you for your help.

This scrutiny of autism is for Hertfordshire only.

17th September 2014

Date for Scrutiny of Autism is released

Hertfordshire County Council will hold a one day scrutiny of Autism on Friday 7th November 2014.  Scrutiny will look at Autism across the spectrum and ages.   Their scope is:


  1. How does Hertfordshire County Council support people living with autism?
  2. How joined up are services within Hertfordshire County Council particularly for those who have more than one specialist care need?
  3. What are the priorities for service development?
  4. What does the future hold?
harc feel that this scope is very broad but will do our best to represent the views and experiences of members and non-members living with Autism in Hertfordshire.  To do this we will be devising a questionnaire to send to members and non-members and collate responses into a report we can submit to the committee as evidence.   We have very little time to complete this and hope that all those in our community can respond quickly.   Please keep your eyes out for our questionnaire.

What is Scrutiny?

Hertfordshire County Council have agreed to hold a scrutiny of Autism in Hertfordshire.  They have confirmed that this will be during the Autumn of 2014 and will look at Autism across age and spectrum.

Scrutiny is an independent function led by local elected councillors, that works with local people and other local bodies to help to improve services. It makes recommendations to the council’s “executive” (the Cabinet) to bring about these improvements. Scrutiny committees are composed so as to reflect the political proportions of the council as a whole. However, sometimes business is carried out in smaller “task and finish” groups away from main committees, which gather evidence and prepare reports on issues of importance to the local community.  You can find out more about Hertfordshire County Council and the Scrutiny process here .

The Centre for Public Scrutiny have also published two booklets in association with the National Autistic Society on the scrutiny of autism in children and adults.

Cover of Difference in Mind - Scrutinising child and adolescent mental health services for children with autismDifference in Mind is about the scrutiny of CAMHS Services for children with autism.  harc ensured that  all members of the topic group scrutinising CAMHS last year  received a copy.

Cover of Getting in on the actGetting in on the Act is the guide to help overview and scrutiny committees to monitor progress being made locally to improve outcomes for adults with Autism.  harc will ensure that the topic group receives a copy of this guide but you may wish to pass a copy on to your local county councillor.

harc will provide evidence to the scrutiny committee and will keep this page updated with progress and requests for information from our membership and others with a view on autism in Hertfordshire.