Joining NAS Hertfordshire


Joining NAS Hertfordshire is easy


 Members of NAS Hertfordshire benefit NOW from the following:

  •     regular support group meetings, with invited guest speakers
  •     quarterly newsletter detailing items of interest to members
  •     access to the helpline for support and information
  •     regular ‘information alerts’ via email with details of time-limited events and information
  •     workshops specially designed for people with autism, their families, carers and friends

How much does it cost?

Membership of NAS Hertfordshire is free.  Individual or Joint members of the NAS can nominate NAS Hertfordshire as their branch,  we will then receive a rebate from the NAS.  Please send an email with your name,  address and NAS membership number, nominating ‘NAS Hertfordshire’ as your local branch to: membership at the NAS copied to: membership at NAS Herts.

How do I join?

Joining is easy – just print off and complete our harc membership form June 2013  and send it to NAS Hertfordshire.  You can do this by email to the membership email

If you wish to make a donation to NAS Hertfordshire you can either donate through our ‘just giving’ site using these instructions or send a cheque made out to: ‘harc’ with your membership form.

How do NAS Hertfordshire benefit if I pay income tax?

By GiftAid !!!!

Provided you or an income tax payer in your household is the main applicant, NAS Hertfordshire can claim the tax you have paid to the Government, for the membership fee and any donation(s) you may choose to make. This means that NAS Hertfordshire will be paid an additional percentage by the Inland Revenue for every £1 you pay to us.

If you donate through our ‘just giving’ site, simply tick the box:  ‘I am a UK taxpayer – Please reclaim Gift Aid on my donation’..

If you donate by cheque, you need to print off and complete a harc gift aid form and send it to NAS Hertfordshire with your membership application form – we will do the rest.

Note: if you have any problems please contact us at NAS Hertfordshire and we will be pleased to help.